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DAYCARE – Daily Rates
FREE Evaluation = Half Day (up to 5 hours) of Daycare
(see Getting Started Page for details)
Half Day (less than 5 hours) – $20
Full Day (over 5 hours) – $32

10 Half Day Package – $195
20 Half Day Package – $380

10 Full Day Package – $290
20 Full Day Package – $550

*Full Day package days cannot be converted to Half Days.
*Packages expire after 1 year from purchase date.

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Standard Dog Suite
$45.00 per night 
Size: 4’W X 4’L X 3’H

Junior Dog Suite
$55.00 per night
Size: 4’W X 6’L X 6’H

Private Dog Suite
$70.00 per night *
Size: 6’W X 10’L X 8’H

Presidential Dog Suite
$75.00 per night *
Size: 8’W X 10’L X 8’H

Boarding Extras

Daycamp: $22.00/day (Open 7 Days a Week)
Person Play Time: $20.00 (20min/ 2x a Day)
Extra Walk: $20.00 (10min/ 2x a Day)
Late Check in: $20.00 (After 6pm Monday-Friday)
Late Check Out: $20.00 (After 12pm) *Unless scheduled for a grooming or Daycamp service.


Grooming Rates

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Training Rates

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