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The Pampered Pet Hotel Presents Dog Training, Skills, Obedience, Communication

The Pampered Pet Dog Training Basic Skills Daycare Hotel Grooming


The Pampered Pet Dog Training Philosophy

🐶  Positive Reinforcement 🐶

🐾 Praise 🐾

🦮 Success 🦮

  • Enhance learning
  • Build confidence
  • Allow for your pup to explore
  • Understand and communicate in your relationship


Dog Training Pampered Pet Sit,Stay, Dog Daycare Skills

PPH Dog Training: Relationship, Understanding, Communication

Cultivate a stronger relationship with your dog based on positive reinforcement and respect. Communication and understanding is key to ensure you and your dog are on the same page as much as two different species can be!


Dog Training Sit, Stay, Play, Down Come, Pampered Pet Doggie Daycare

PPH Dog Training: Basic Skills, Learning, Confidence

Your dog will learn basic obedience: sit, come, stay, leave it, heel, loose leash walking, and puppy parent goals discussed.

Pampered Pet Woodland Hills Dog Obedience Training Puppy Skills

PPH Dog Training: Positive Reinforcement, Consistency, Success

Keep in mind that training is a lifelong effort. Just like people, it takes dogs about 3 weeks to a month to develop or break habits. Our dog training packages promote a  consistent solution.


PPH Dog Training Evaluations

We want to set your pup up for success at our facility! We require an evaluation, which we offer for free, to see if your dog is a good candidate for our program and to inquire about specific behaviors you would like us to work on with them. During the evaluation process, we will “temperament test” your dog to see how well they do with other dogs in a daycare environment. If you are not comfortable with having them around other dogs or they do not pass the temperament test, we will see how well they do in our kennel and with our staff. We also gauge the severity of any issues we notice to give you an honest opinion of what training package would best fit your needs. 


Training Packages

6 Days of Doggie Day Boarding with Training (6th day FREE!) $850
6 Days of Doggie Daycare with Training (6th day FREE!) $850
10 Days of Doggie Day Boarding with Training (10th day FREE!) $1500
10 Days of Doggie Daycare with Training (10th day FREE!) $1500
Single Day of Daycare or Day Boarding with Training $200

A private lesson will be included at the end of your training package to show you how we handle the dog and promote desired behaviors.

A 6-Day Package needs to be scheduled within the span of 2 business weeks, and a 10-Day needs to be scheduled within 3 weeks.

*To be eligible for a 1-Day session, we require a prerequisite of a 6-Day package to ensure your dog has a grasp on the basics. The single session would be more ideal for dogs that need a tune-up on their skills, instead of starting from scratch.

For any other questions, email