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Frequently Asked Questions @ The Pampered Pet Hotel & Grooming Spa

Are there specific Hotel & Kennel Boarding drop-off & pick-up times?

SATURDAY 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

These hours above are current.  As always, please, email or call with inquiries for accommodations.

Early check-ins and late check-outs may be possible if properly scheduled.


We require all new prospective Hotel Clients to go through a Boarding Evaluation process in advance of being accepted into our facility. This must be done in advance of your planned stay. The Boarding Evaluation process allows and facilitates:

1.) Our staff to become familiar with your pet and his/her caretaking needs

2.) Our staff and our clients to interact in person and communicate

3.) Anticipate any behavior issues or medical necessities that require accommodations. 

We will not accept first time clients for same day of hotel boarding. This is for the quality of service and care of the pets in our facility. Our staff requires time and preparation to be ready to provide our standard of top level service. So please, plan ahead and give us the notice we need to provide the best we can for you and your pet.

A MINIMUM of 24 hours notice with vaccination records submitted current and up to date. Returning. clients we absolutely can accommodate on a short notice basis because we have records, care instructions and familiarity with your pet

What paperwork requirements are there for a Hotel stay?

 Your pup must be current on all vaccines,

  1. Distemper,
  2. Rabies 
  3. Bordetella
  4. Boarding Evaluation 
Please keep in mind Rabies and Distemper must be administered at least 24 hours  prior to visiting the facility. The Bordetella vaccination has a 10 day hold via injection and 3 day hold when administered oral/nasal. We will not be able to board your pup if they are recently vaccinated.

What should I bring with my dog?

Bring their food and bring extra food just in case. We provide bed, blankets and bowls for the comfort of your pet. We have “house food” available for additional charge per bag/roll of FRESH PET brand dog food.

Will anyone be there at night?

Yes, we have night staff that looks after the dogs.

Can I take a tour of the facility?

Please call or email to inquire.

We do try to accommodate our clients by showing them as much as we can however; a full tour is never a guarantee. Our top priority is taking care of our guests through adequate supervision, timely feeding/meds, and maintaining a sanitary facility. You are more than welcome to come in and we will do our best to show you some of our facility.

How long is a half vs. a full day of daycare and what are your fees?

A full day of daycare is 5 hours or more, which is $40/ day. A half-day is anything less than 5 hours and $28/ day. There are bulk Daycare Packages available that discount the daily price.

Does my dog need a flea & tick preventative?

We do not require a topical flea & tick preventative but it is recommended because your dogs will be interacting with other dogs. If fleas & ticks are encountered on your pet, we will give your pet a flea & tick bath to prevent infestation; at the owners expense.

Will my dog get sick by being around so many other dogs?

We try to stay on top of any possible illness and take necessary precautions. However, just like with kids at school or daycare, viruses may be passed between dogs. If your dog comes down with anything contagious, he/she must stay home until your vet says it’s okay to return.

Will my dog get hurt at while socializing in Day Camp?

The safety of the dogs is always our first priority. We make every attempt to weed out aggressive behavior. We closely monitor dogs and keep play on a fun, friendly basis so that it doesn’t become too wild or confrontational. However, dogs use their mouths & paws to play; therefore, little scratches & nicks are not uncommon. If anything serious should happen, we will transport the dog to a nearby veterinarian if needed and notify you immediately. 

Do you have any breed restrictions at your facility?

Yes we do for daycare and the main reason is because not every dog is a daycare dog. Daycare is a very stimulating environment and certain breeds such as the ones on our restricted list do well in less stimulating environments. When certain breeds get over stimulated, such as the ones on our list, it becomes more of a challenge to keep them calm and the pack safe. Although all dogs have the ability to be aggressive, certain breeds such as the ones on our list have a tendency to do more damage when they do attack. Another reason we have breed restrictions is simply due to insurance cost to cover certain breeds.

*Restricted breeds: Male American Pit Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, Wolf Dogs, Dogo Argentinos, Presa Canarios, Cane Corsos, Chow Chows, Rottweilers or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds). For the safety of all animals and associates, and at the discretion of Pampered Pet Hotel and Spa some pets may not be permitted.


Webcams are a free, additional service. On occasion, due to bandwidth and circumstances beyond our control, minor interruptions may occur to this service. Compensation for these interruptions is not available. To avoid issue with your webcam service please close the tab when done viewing as to not overload the server.

How long does the grooming take?

The typical groom can take up to 2.5 to 3.5 hours for small to medium sized dogs or 3.5-4.5 hours for larger breeds with heavier under coats, and for pet’s receiving hand scissoring or de-matting. We do our best to get your dog groomed and back home to you in a timely manner. For those that would like their dog to play first and then get groomed later in the day, we can surely make this possible. Dogs left for more than 3 hours following their appointment completion will be walked, given a room to relax with and the owner may be charged a $32 day boarding fee.

What is your Grooming Salon & Spa cancellation policy?

If you must cancel an appointment, please try to give us 48 hours notice. We will charge a $25 deposit for all grooming appointments. This is credited towards the service. No shows and cancellations outside the policy are forfiet.