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Pomeranian Dogs for Dog Grooming Haircut

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The Pampered Pet Hotel & Spa grooming salon is a state of the art all-inclusive spa experience for your pet. We provide the highest quality groom to service all of your pet’s hygienic and wellness needs. Our full service grooming salon uses the highest quality products to suit your pet’s grooming needs.
All of our grooming staff are experienced and qualified to handle any unique requirements your pet may have. We understand grooming should be a fun and enjoyable experience for all of our furry four-legged friends. Our grooming staff gives your dogs the love and care they need to ensure it is an enjoyable experience.
Regular grooming helps keep our furry companions clean, happy, and healthy.

Standard Poodle Dog Grooming

White Dog Haircut and Grooming

Bath & Brush Package:

Includes a bath, brush out, hand-dry, nail trim, ear and eye cleaning, anal gland expression, and sanitation trim, along with removing excessive hair from the paws and ears as necessary.

Bath & Blow Dry

$30 and up*

Bath & Trim $55 and up *
Nail Trim $15-$20
Teeth Brushing $10
Anal Gland Expression $15
Ear Cleaning $10

* Base price dependent on breed & additional charges dependent on condition of coat

Dog Grooming and Dog Bath

Haircut Package:

Includes all of the above amenities along with a haircut and style of your choosing.

 Maltese $60 and up *
Yorkie $60 and up*
Shihtzu $60 and up*
Schnauzer $65 and up*
Standard Poodle $120 and up*

* Base price dependent on breed & additional charges dependent on condition of coat, size 

Pricing:  Prices vary based on the size of the pet, breed, temperament, and condition of the pets coat.

Dogs to be picked up within an 90 minutes following grooms completion.

After 90 minutes there will be Day Boarding rate added to your groom.

Miniature Poodle Dog Grooming Haircut

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